Recent SA blackouts



  • South Australia was plunged into darkness on September 28, 2016, when a wild storm toppled transmission towers in the state's mid-north and shut down some wind farms, dramatically increasing demand on the state's power interconnector with Victoria and shutting it down.

  • About 200,000 properties lost power for up to an hour when SA was torn from the national electricity grid early on December 1 due to a fault in Victoria.

  • At least 155,000 properties lost power following a storm starting on December 27 that brought heavy rain and strong winds.

  • About 33,000 properties lost power for up to a day after storms on January 19, 2017, including 74,000 lightning strikes, downed trees and power lines.

  • About 40,000 customers lost power for 30 minutes on February 9 because of too much demand after the mercury hit more than 40 degrees.