Rebecca Gibney leads Aussie celebs in huge online singalong

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

While Australians self-isolate at home away from friends and family, Rebecca Gibney has decided to share a video to brighten up people's days amid the coronavirus pandemic – and unlike Gal Gadot's infamous 'Imagine' video, fans have been loving it.

The Packed to the Rafters' star shared a video of herself and a number of other Australian and New Zealand celebs lip syncing along to John Paul Young's classic 'Love Is In The Air'.

Rebecca Gibney was joined by her son as they danced to 'Love Is In The Air'. Photo: Instagram/Rebecca Gibney

"The world is a tough place right now,” Rebecca wrote alongside the video.

“I even hesitate to post this because some may see it as frivolous in such a time of uncertainty but I think we could all use a break from the sadness and when I asked a few mates if they wanted to spread a bit of joy these brave kind souls didn’t hesitate to say yes.

"We also want to send out a massive THANK YOU to our incredible medical professionals and all the wonderful essential folk who are out there protecting and providing.

Hugh Sheridan got into the spirit, donning a top hat for the occasion. Photo: Instagram/Rebecca Gibney

"Thank you also to everyone that has heeded the call to stay home. The below quote was recently posted on a friends Facebook... 'And then the whole world walked inside and shut their doors and said we will stop it all. Everything. To protect our weaker ones, our sicker ones, our older ones. And nothing. Nothing in humankind ever felt more like love than this.'"

"And on that note I hope you enjoy this little bit of love from us. Stay safe, stay well and be kind."

Some of the famous faces include Lisa Wilkinson, Amanda Keller, Georgie Parker, Sam Neill, Erik Thomson, Hugh Sheridan, Kylie Gillies, Larry Emdur and heaps more.

Rebecca's fans and famous friends commented on the video, saying how much they loved it and it brightened their day.

Larry Emdur commented, "Spreading the love @rebeccagibney_ style .. Nothing says We’re All in This Together like really bad dancing and miming .. Well done gorgeous."

Kylie Gillies added, "No wonder you have so many people who call you a friend. Champion... great fun & much love x."

Sally Obermeder also shared, "LOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS!"

The Morning Show's Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur danced up a storm in the video. Photo: Instagram/Rebecca Gibney

Sam Neill joked, "Great. Apart from the baboon in the hallway. Who the hell...? Oh wait. That was me. Must do something about the beard."

One user added, "Thank you I loved it. As a nurse working in these very crazy and uncertain times it put a smile on my face. And we will get through this."

Another said, "Ok I may be a touch teary - loved seeing so many favourite people - what big hearts you lot all have."

Someone else wrote about how thankful they were for the video, "After experiencing one of the most stressful and harrowing days of my working life as a disability support worker... this lifted my spirits to infinity and beyond!! Thank you isn’t enough."

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