Reality TV star embroiled in Salim's 'dodgy demerit point transfer'

Bryan Seymour

Police are investigating if Auburn's controversial former Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer, along with his wife and other associates, lied on statutory declarations by transferring driving demerit points to a foreign student.

Seven News has learned a reality TV star is the latest to be drawn into the widening scandal which could see offenders fined or even jailed.

Abdel Razzak shows up to court with his lawyer Lovemore Ndou. Photo: 7News

Bankstown detectives were handed six statutory declarations subpoenaed by the lawyer for former international student Abdel Razzak.

Lovemore Ndou from Lovemore Lawyers said his client was named in statutory declarations as the driver of Salim Mehajer's Ferrari, his wife Aysha's BMW, a Range Rover and two other vehicles captured by traffic cameras in 2013 and 2014.

"My client's case relies on these statutory declarations and the copies of the payment slips and the investigation by the police,” he told 7 News.

Controversial former deputy mayor Salim Mehajer has declined to comment on the issue. Photo: 7News

"That allegation in itself is spurious, it's unfounded, it's trumped up."

Seven News learned that Salim's wife Aysha signed one of the statutory declarations using her maiden surname Learmonth. It was then witnessed by Salim, who is also a JP.

Another stat dec was signed by a Nikee Sawyer and was also witnessed by Salim.

Salim's Ferrari was caught speeding through the M5 East tunnel. Photo: 7News

Nikee Sawyer is a model and starred in the short-lived reality TV series The Shire in 2012.

It is not clear how she knows Salim, only that he witnessed her declaration naming Abdel Razzak as the driver.

24-year-old Razzak told 7 News two weeks ago that he only knew of Mehajer because of his controversial wedding.
"I haven't seen him in my life," Mr Razzak he said.

At least 11 demerit points for the Mehajer cars wound up on his licence.

Salim's wife's BMW was caught running a red light. Photo: 7News

"I'll lose the job and I can't survive my life," he said of what would happen if he can't drive because of a possible driving suspension.

Mehajer, on the other hand, claims the former international student hired the cars and racked up the speeding fines on several occasions.

Others who signed statutory declarations naming Abdel Razzak as the driver include at least two of Salim's associates and two were witnessed by his sister Zenah, who is a lawyer.

Criminal lawyer Peter Proctor said lying in court can result in a harsh penalty.

Model and former reality TV star Nikee Sawyer has allegedly signed one of the statutory declarations. Photo: 7News

"If you falsely swear an oath, then you're subject to a penalty of, a maximum penalty of $5,500,” he said.

“It could involve you being subject to a jail sentence if it was serious enough."

On Tuesday, Burwood Court granted Abdel a six-week stay on his appeal against his driving suspension while police investigate.

Mr Razzak is also accused of speeding in this 4WD. Photo: 7 News

7 News has contacted Salim Mehajer for comment.


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