Reality TV mother and daughter duo are immediately eliminated from 'Masked Singer'

During Wednesday's Thanksgiving-themed episode of The Masked Singer, the last wildcard of the season, the Beach Ball, was not-so-shockingly immediately eliminated, which had the remaining Group B singers giving thanks.

While viewers had a ball watching the wildcard performance, which one person called "THE WORST performance in the show's history," they were not at all surprised by the elimination. However, following the unmasking, the reveal kind of made sense.

There were two people inside the enormous and dramatic eyelash-and-red-lipped beach ball – Alana Thompson and June Shannon. The reality television mother-daughter duo have come a long way since gaining fame from their TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in 2012, including an estrangement when Mama June fell into a battle with drug addiction.

Following their reveal, Mama June shared, "You know, I was in my addiction. I was away from my kids for two years. Now I'm fixing to celebrate two years clean. So this is the first project, outside of our show, that we've done together. So it feels kind of nice, you know? I cried. That's why I missed the first line of my part. I always do whenever she performs."

Mama June may have been beach-bawling at the start of the performance, but by the end, the two were just happy to have shared the experience with each other.

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