'Is she for real?': Woman caught driving on laptop baffles motorists

A Perth woman has taken out-of-office working to the next level after she was photographed driving down a West Australian road while using her laptop.

Given the recent crackdown on drivers using mobile phones behind the wheel, it remains a mystery exactly how she thought the sizeable laptop was going to go unnoticed as she made her way down the Kwinana Freeway in a silver SUV.

The images were shared to a local Perth Facebook page, with outraged social media users calling for the police to come down hard on the culprit.

“I think it’s time they were named and shamed. Then banned from driving for 12 months and a huge fine, around $5K,” one woman wrote.

The woman was spotted driving down Perth’s Kwinana Freeway while appearing to use a laptop. Image: Facebook

“Will they ever learn? I hope she got a big ticket,” another wrote.

“Is she for real? Some people just have no common sense,” one man said.

Others questioned how much pressure someone would have to be at work in order to act so recklessly.

“Has it really got that bad that employers put employees under so much pressure that they take such idiotic risks to address work issues?” one man asked.

Yahoo7 News has contacted Western Australia Police about the matter.