Forget Mickey Mouse: There Was A Bear Spotted Hanging Out In A Tree At Walt Disney World

Disney is known for its fair share of animated bear characters. There's Koda and Kenai in Brother Bear, Lots-o' in Toy Story 3, Baloo in The Jungle Book, and Winnie-the-Pooh, to name a few.

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However, they may have just (unintentionally) added another bear to their ranks. On Monday, a bear was spotted in a tree at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed in a statement to BuzzFeed that biologists with its Bear Management Program and law enforcement officers safely captured the bear, an adult female.

"In most cases, it is best for bears to be given space and to move along on their own, but given this situation, staff have captured the animal and are relocating the bear out of the park to an area in or around the Ocala National Forest," the statement said.

The FWC noted that, in the fall, bears are more active, often in pursuit of food ahead of winter hibernation. "This particular bear was likely moving through the area searching for food," they said.

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A black bear was also spotted in Orlando, Florida, on June 4, 2023.

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The New York Times reported Frontierland, Liberty Square, and Adventureland were among the sections of the park closed in light of the bear sighting.

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This included the closure of specific rides and attractions, according to WESH 2 News. The Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and (yes) Country Bear Jamboree were among the attractions the news outlet reported as closed.

  Orlando Sentinel / TNS
Orlando Sentinel / TNS

WESH 2 News reported that Frontierland, Liberty Square, and Adventureland had reopened by 1 p.m. ET.

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The FWC also issued advice on what to do in a bear sighting: "Give it space and never approach or feed it." For more information on avoiding conflict with bears, the FWC suggested visiting and