Real estate agent's rant to prospective buyer divides opinion

A Sydney real estate agent's response to a potential buyer is being debated online, after they asked why the price of a particular property keeps jumping.

The screenshots of the email conversation were posted by the man's sister, who found the agent's response amusing.

"Can’t stop laughing at this absolutely unhinged response my brother got from a Sydney real estate agent this morning (Tuesday)," she said on Twitter.

A photo of an aparrtment.
The man who was after a property in Sydney wasn't anticipating a response like he got from the real estate agent. Source: Twitter/slatterbrain

Her brother had simply asked the agent to explain "how this property is constantly changing in value".

"It was originally listed to be auctioned with a guide of $700,000," he said in the email. "I attended the auction where no bids were were placed, for the guide to then increase by $30,000 and now by $50,000 above its original listing price, having failed to receive a single bid on the day."

When responding, the agent said they "were not obliged to explain anything" but decided to do so anyway so that the potential buyer "did not jump to a conspiracy conclusion".

“It’s simple, as a vendor who owns this property, he can change his mind at any stage about anything he wants, including price, contract changes, who he lets in, who actually even buys it, if he doesn’t like someone he can refuse point blank to sell it to them. Why? Because it is his property, he owns it!” the agent said.

Going on, the agent also told the man he was "incorrect" about the price guide, which was actually higher.

“The price guide started at $770,000 because the vendors were wanting around that. Then the buyers’ feedback after the first week was $700,000. So the owner adjusted the price expectations and displayed the adjusted price guide feedback of $700,000 on line.”

Screenshots of the Sydney real estate agent's response to a potential buyer.
A Sydney real estate agent's response to a potential buyer has attracted much attention and debate. Source: Twitter/slatterbrain

"Then after the auction on Saturday, the owner wanted us to display the price at $729k. Then this morning he woke up and changed his mind and wanted the price to be displayed at $749k. Does it help his marketing campaign or the sale? No! can he do it? yes!"

After all this, whether serious or with an air of satire, the agent asked whether the man was still interested in the property.

Social media users react to agent's response

The post received a lot of attention online, with almost 2000 liking it on twitter and more than 150 people sharing it.

Many thought the agent was not at fault, and clearly at their wits end.

"It sounds like he is having trouble concealing how much the vendor's screwball antics are vexing him," one person said. "As someone who worked in real estate for 12 years in support roles (I promise I'm not evil), this is the email of an agent who has absolutely f***ing had it with everyone and has finally snapped," said another.

Some even thought the vendor was doing the right thing. "Surely I’m not the only one who doesn’t see a problem with this?" one person said. "I’d be doing the exact same thing as the seller." Though others thought the agent could improve in how they get their point across, as well as calling the price jumps 'peak Sydney'.

"What a tantrum from a real estate agent," one person said. "I don’t care what is happening in the agent’s life," said another. "Attitude adjustment required!" "And people say customer service is dead," a third person joked.

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