Ready to roo-mble! Wombat interrupts fight between brawling kangaroos

A wombat has been filmed interrupting a fight between two kangaroos in the NSW Hunter Valley region.

Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue Inc and Wombat Hospital shared video of the bizarre encounter in Wollombi on Facebook. 

The animal rescue wrote staff normally wake up to kids partying in the area all night “but had to laugh at the males fighting and a wombat wanting to play as well”.

The video shows the two kangaroos exchanging blows.

The wombat was filmed walking in the middle of a kangaroo fight in the NSW Hunter Valley. Source: Facebook/ Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue Inc and Wombat Hospital

But for some reason a wombat walks in and disrupts the fight before running away.

It is only a minor distraction though as the kangaroos get back to their fight.

The video has more than 14,000 views – with many left in stitches.

“The wombat is only trying to referee the fight,” one woman wrote.

Another woman said the video was “Australia at its best”. 

“Doesn’t get more Aussie than this,” another woman wrote.

The animal rescue later added the wombat later came back “to play” with the two brawling roos but unfortunately the second encounter was not caught on camera.