Reactions to Queensland police report

Responses to the proposed restructure of the Queensland Police Service to fix the way it deals with domestic violence:

"I gave a commitment that I would go back and look at all matters where I felt there was an unsatisfactory outcome and look into them, but certainly there will be one this week, and over the next few weeks there'll be others."

- Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll on why reforms have been slow but are still achievable.

"These will be nation-leading reforms, nation-leading. The commission of inquiry has put a spotlight on some dark places in the QPS and, as I said, identified cultural issues going back decades that need to be addressed."

- Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says the report has "ripped the band-aid off" issues in the QPS.

"This is a broader thing than a particular individual. This is about system change and we all need to do it together. We all need to accept the standard, set the tone and be the example."

- Police Minister Mark Ryan on who will be accountable for leadership failures in the QPS.

"The government has given up on integrity. It's given up on ministerial accountability, and they are more focused on their political survival than the survival of innocent women and children. And there are proof points throughout here that the government could have acted on and they didn't."

- Opposition Leader David Crisafulli on the force's cultural and structural problems existing for decades.

"It's human nature. You are going to have bad eggs anywhere, any workforce. So I think they're starting to weed them out now and especially with the DV side of it, they actually are listening and implementing stuff that the McMurdo report has said."

- Lloyd Clarke, father of Hannah Clarke and grandfather of Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey, who were murdered by estranged husband and father Rowan Baxter in 2020.

"It is critical moving forward that there is a focus on building confidence and trust in the handling of police complaints for both the community and police.

- The Crime and Corruption Commission on setting up a new police integrity unit.