Rare Pokémon card sells for $560,000

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Pokemon lovers of the 90s might want to head over to mum and dad's and check out your childhood bedrooms, because you could be sitting on a small fortune.

A rare Pokémon card from 1999 sold in the US for $560,000 ($420,000 USD), setting an all-time record for a base-set card of its kind and leaving card collectors gobsmacked.

The 23-year-old first Edition Base Set Charizard card was recently sold by auction during PWCC Marketplace's March Premier Auction.

A photo of the mint condition Charizard Pokemon card which sold for $560,000.
The Pokemon card sold for $560,000 at auction. Source: PWCC Marketplace

“This historic piece of art designed by celebrated artist Mitsuhiro Arita is easily the most recognisable Pokémon card ever made,” PWCC Marketplace wrote in the description of the card on their website.

Only 121 cards granted mint condition rating

The collector card-trading platform said despite 3,000 copies being submitted, only 121 have been granted a mint condition rating, with the website noting users' enthusiasm while playing with them usually led to them being damaged.

"Featuring the highest attack power of any of the original Pokémon cards produced; the ferocity of the artwork coupled with the might of its Fire Spin caused most Pokémon fanatics to use it with pride," the description explained.

Jesse Craig, director of business development for PWCC told CNN the Charizard card is highly sought after.

“Pokémon is the world’s leading media brand and Charizard is the GOAT of that brand," he explained.

"It’s an asset that Pokémon and non-Pokémon collectors know of and want to own.

“This is a card where demand continues to outweigh supply."

It's not the first time a rare card has sold for an eye-watering price; earlier in March, a card sold for $448,436. (US$336,000) and in late 2020, a similar Charizard card sold for $480,467 (US$360,000).

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