Nightclub owner doubles down on controversial stance after 'woman's drink spiked'

A Perth nightclub owner has doubled down on his controversial stance in an escalating clash over an alleged drink spiking incident inside his premises.

Neil Scott caused uproar for his response to 19-year-old Shantel Smith who messaged Rapture Nightclub after believing she had been spiked at the venue.

Instead of showing concern over the incident, the nightclub responded with a series of questions doubting her claims, including: “ Why would anyone want to spike your drink?”

The business seemed to mock Ms Smith in its response to her feedback. Source: Instagram/shantelsmithh
Neil Scott has again dismissed claims from a teen she was spiked in his club. Source: Nine News

The response was later shared to social media and has prompted a wave of angry comments in support of Ms Smith while slamming the nightclub’s reaction.

Ms Smith told Nine News that she was foaming at the mouth and passed out in a toilet cubicle as a result of the spiking. She said she was “very disappointed” by the club’s response.

But Mr Scott has once again dismissed the teenager’s claims, insisting the establishment he has owned for 37 years is “one of the safest nightclubs” in the city.

Ms Smith claimed she was unconscious after buying one drink at the club. Source: Instagram/shantelsmithh

“Lets face it, why would somebody spike her drink? Why would they do that? What are they hoping to get? What is she hoping to get from it? I don’t know if she thinks she’s special enough to be spiked, I don’t know if that’s how it works,” he said.

He also uploaded CCTV footage of Ms Smith outside the nightclub from the night the teen claims she was spiked, which he claims contradicts her version of events.

She can be seen chatting and dancing with friends at about 2.30am – 20 minutes after Ms Smith says she was worst affected by the spiking.

Mr Scott uploaded CCTV footage of Ms Smith outside his club the night she claimed she was spiked. Source: Nine News

But Mr Scott’s stance has angered advocacy groups supporting women’s safety.

Women’s Interests Minister Simone McGurk told Nine News any claims of spiking should be taken seriously.

“Women deserve to have their concerns about safety investigated,” she said.

Police have confirmed they are now investigating the matter.

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