Raptor cops close Hunter Nomad clubhouse

Perry Duffin

Officers from Strikeforce Raptor have dismantled a clubhouse linked to the Nomads outlaw motorcycle gang in the NSW Hunter Valley.

The Muswellbrook headquarters is the second to be shut down in the Hunter this month as police target convicted offenders visiting clubhouses and the illegal sale of alcohol.

Officers found a "fully-functioning bar and entertainment area, as well as clubs, believed to be positioned as weapons" during an inspection last Friday.

The NSW Supreme Court granted police a restricted premises notice which the strike force delivered to the Nomads on Monday before beginning to dismantle the clubhouse.

They seized the contents of the bar, an industrial fridge and items related to the illicit sale of alcohol.

Images taken by police show the letters "NFFN" - which stands for "Nomads Forever, Forever Nomads" - set into bricks above the clubhouse fireplace.

The Nomads' Islington clubhouse was also shut down under the same Supreme Court orders on February 5.

Police warned further inspections are expected.