Rapper stages 'dangerous' flame throwing stunt on crowded bus

Nadine Carroll
·2-min read

An amateur rapper has been recorded using a flame thrower while on the roof of a packed Brooklyn bus in a stunt labelled “absurd, dangerous and just plain stupid”.

Dupree, who also refers to himself as Flame G.O.D, has gained a following on social media filming stunts involving a flame thrower.

He has uploaded various videos where he plays “tag” with a flame thrower. In one video he chases a woman dressed in a cockroach costume while firing the weapon.

Dupree Flame G.O.D used a flame thrower to film a stunt for social media.
Dupree, also known as Flame G.O.D is being investigated by police after a dangerous stunt. Source: Twitter/WhatIsNewYork

New York City police are currently investigating an incident where Dupree was filmed jumping from the roof of an ice cream truck to a passing city bus as he fired the flame thrower, arguably endangering the lives of passengers on board as well as the crowd gathered to watch below.

In the video released on social media, a shirtless Dupree shoots the flame thrower into the sky before pointing it towards the road behind the bus.

He then jumps from the bus and falls to the ground, narrowly missing flames that are still burning on the road.

It’s alleged Dupree invited his followers on social media to the location with a promise of ice cream and champagne so he could record a tribute to New York City hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan.

NYPD police tweeted they were aware of the unauthorised incident and were currently investigating.

“We are aware of a video circulating social media that shows a man using a flame thrower on top of a bus in Brooklyn.

“The incident is currently under investigation. We have the utmost confidence in our NYPD Detectives that this case will be solved quickly,” NYPD News wrote.

AP reports The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said nobody was injured in the incident and about 25 passengers on the bus were discharged at the next stop and picked up by the next bus on the route.

“We don’t even need to say how absurd, dangerous and just plain stupid this was,” MTA spokesperson Tim Minton told AP.

“The reckless individual who torched over the top of an occupied bus put New Yorkers, including the bus operator, in life-threatening peril.”

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