Rapper jailed for attempted murder after he was caught through his lyrics

Ryan Maqsood has been jailed for attempted murder (Met Police )
Ryan Maqsood has been jailed for attempted murder (Met Police )

A rapper has been sentenced to 27 years in prison after his drill lyrics provided key evidence linking him to an attempted murder.

Ryan Maqsood, 26, stabbed a boy, 16, with rambo-style knives then wrote about the attack.

He was part of a gang that chased down their victim on April 15 2019.

As part of the police investigation that followed, analysis was conducted of drill tracks written and performed by Maqsood who performed under the stage name “Rashy”.

One of the tracks appeared to describe the stabbing in significant detail and included references that would only have been known by someone present at the time of the offence.

An officer with specialist knowledge in drill music gave expert evidence in court to explain to the jury what the lyrics referred to. This was combined with expert local gangs evidence which provided further context.

Maqood, from Islington. was convicted of attempted murder and possession of a bladed weapon after appearing at the Old Bailey on 16 August. He was sentenced at the same court two days later but reporting restrictions were in place until now.

Detective Sergeant Katy Phipps, who led the investigation, said: “Maqsood carried out a brutal attack on a 16-year-old boy which left him in a life threatening condition after suffering 19 stab wounds. He is extremely lucky not to have succumbed to his injuries.

“The evidence we gathered during this investigation left the jury with no doubt as to his guilt, despite the fact the victim did not wish to assist police.

“The drill music recovered from Maqsood’s phone included very specific details that we believe could only have been known to someone who was there when the incident took place.”

The victim was chased into Brookes Court and repeatedly stabbed. A member of the public provided first aid before he was taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition.

Detectives launched an investigation, conducting CCTV enquiries which showed seven attackers on push bikes on an apparent ‘ride out’ style gang attack. Two of them chased down the victim and stabbed him 19 times.

Two rambo-style knives, with the victim’s DNA on the blade, were found inside a backpack which had been hidden in bushes. Maqsood’s DNA was found on one of the knives and on the backpack, which was seen on CCTV being worn by one of the attackers.