Radio enthusiasts mark Guglielmo Marconi anniversary

David Barlow
David Barlow is a morse code expert [BBC]

Amateur radio enthusiasts gathered on Wednesday to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Guglielmo Marconi.

Marconi was a famous inventor and Nobel Prize for physics winner.

The event took place at the Marconi Museum on the Lizard Peninsula, where Marconi did a lot of his work.

In 1901 he achieved a significant milestone, the first ever transatlantic communication from Poldhu to Newfoundland in Canada.

Poldhu Amateur Radio Station was on air talking all around the world as part of the event.

James Woolford
Mr Woolford said, "we take a lot of things for granted now which link back to Marconi" [BBC]

James Woolford, from Poldhu Amateur Radio Club, said he hoped the event would bring a bit of perspective to the younger generation.

He said: "We're always trying to bring to, especially the younger generation, the message about what Marconi has brought to their world.

"He was the first man who was talking about mobile phones in the 1920s and we take a lot of things for granted now which link back to Marconi.

"He was a very important character in history who has probably touched the lives of more of us and our technology than anyone else."

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