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10 weird (but brilliant) things that will make your life easier — prices start at just $9!

chopper, fur removing gloves, scrubber, jar opener, wall plug
These "As Seen at Walmart" gadgets will solve problems you didn't even know you had! (Photo: Walmart)

While it might be best known for selling name-brand products at ridiculously low prices, Walmart is also our go-to source for fun, ingenious, off-the-beaten-track finds. The mega-retailer’s website is filled with these weird yet wonderful products that really do make life a little easier. And with the busy holiday season coming up, isn’t that what we are all looking for?

From a gadget that perfectly cooks six eggs at a time to a motorized spinning mop that will keep your floors spic and span without breaking your back, we've rounded up 10 items that will not only make hosting for the holidays so much easier, they'll also make great gifts — because who wouldn’t want slippers that double as dusters, or a device that opens stubborn jars with the touch of a button?

All of these cost less than $40 and start at just $9, so get started stuffing those stockings...without breaking the bank.

These handy drain cleaner sticks keep your sinks running and smelling good.
$10 at Walmart

Who doesn’t love a product that does more than one thing at a time? Just pop one of these multitasking Sani Sticks in your sink’s drain once a month and they will keep your pipes clear. The sticks work by releasing a blend of enzymes to break down food and grease to prevent backups, and they are lemon-scented to keep your home smelling fresh.

This clever gadget makes "cooking" breakfast so easy.
$20 at Walmart

The Egg Pod is here to take the guesswork out of hard-boiled eggs. Just place your eggs on the tray, add the specified amount of water and pop it in the microwave. It can cook a half dozen at a time and once they are cooked you can shake the cooker to crack the shells and make peeling them a cinch.

This miracle motorized scrubber will make your life a whole lot easier.
$36 at Walmart

During the holidays, you’ll likely have more people coming in and out of your home, meaning your floors, bathroom surfaces and countertops are going to get dirty right quick. If you’re looking to keep up with the mess without breaking your back, grab this motorized scrubber, as it does all the hard work for you. The cordless appliance comes with various attachments to clean everything from sinks and tubs to floors and walls effectively and efficiently.

Spare your floors — and your sanity — this holiday season with these protectors for chair and table feet.
$28 at Walmart

If your hosting a family meal or throwing a holiday party this season, you’re likely going to need to move around some furniture in order to fit in all your guests. That’s where this clever little invention comes in. They are basically like slippers for the feet of your couch, chairs and TV stand. They're made of silicone that caps the legs of your furniture with a soft felt pad on its "sole."

Presto Plug
This outlet extender is an easy way to corral unruly plugs into one spot.
$20 at Walmart

The Presto Plug is a handy outlet extender that lets you plug wires in from four feet away from an outlet. It looks like a normal power outlet, but it actually has a peel-and-stick back so you can put it anywhere that’s convenient for you. The upshot? You can have two AC outlets and two USB ports plugged in at a time. Oh, and it has a surge protector built-in.

This multi-use meal prep savior will save you so much time in the kitchen.
$20 at Walmart

You can slice, dice, cube and chop with ease thanks to handy gadget, which comes complete with four different types of blades. Everything is collected in the handy sealable bin beneath for less mess and more freshness.

Slip on these genius microfiber slippers to rid your floor of dust, fluff and more. It'll be the most fun you've ever had cleaning!
$28 at Walmart

These clever mop slippers can slide over your shoes to pick up dirt and dust as you walk, so you can literally clean as you go. The dusters come in a variety of fun colors and are made from a durable chenille material that is machine-washable for easy cleanup.

These clever gloves stop your pets from shedding all over your house and guests...and gives them a rubdown in the process.
$8 at Walmart

Prevent your pet’s fur from getting all over your guests by using this handy grooming glove on your furry friends before the doorbell rings . Unlike regular brushes, this innovative glove uses soft silicone bristles to collect unwanted fur before it ends up on your floors and furniture. It is gentle on matted hair and even provides a gentle massage, so your pets get a relaxing spa treatment out of it.

As Seen on TV
You can finally remove tight lids with ease with this clever gadget.
$20 at Walmart

This electric jar opener will open even the tightest lids with minimal effort. Just attach the device to the jar of your choice, push the button, and voila! It works on all sizes of lids and shoppers say it's super easy to use.

Treat your feet to the cushy comfort of these anti-fatigue mats.
$23 at Walmart

If you’re going to be standing in the kitchen over the holidays doing a lot cooking and cleaning, you’ll definitely want to invest in an anti-fatigue mat that provides relief from back, leg, and foot pain. It boasts anti-skid backing to stop it from sliding around and is stain- and fade-resistant.

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