A Quiet Place: Day One director addresses Frodo and Eric's fate

A Quiet Place: Day One spoilers follow.

A Quiet Place: Day One director Michael Sarnoski has addressed the fates for Eric (Joseph Quinn) and Frodo the cat.

The horror film, a prequel and spin-off to the 2018 film, follows the terminally-ill Samira (Lupita Nyong’o) as she attempts to survive an alien invasion in New York City with her trusty sidekick Frodo.

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She meets several new faces along the way, with Eric accompanying her on the journey. At the end of the film, Samira sacrifices herself as she passes Frodo onto Eric, who is greeted by Henri (Djimon Hounsou) - a figure from A Quiet Place: Part II.

With the narrative weaving into the story from the second film, Sarnoski was asked on the ReelBlend podcast if there was a chance that Eric and Frodo would be spotted on the island at the end of the 2021 film.

“I mean, probably not,” he said. “But the way that I imagined it was that it's not like we meet every single person on the island. We get a pretty quick glimpse into that society there. I don't think Joe Quinn is secretly in there.

“Maybe when we do the George Lucas kind of re-release, we'll just CG a little Joe Quinn just kind of standing in the background. But no. I mean, maybe? Who knows? Maybe there is a cat. Let's say if you see a cat anywhere on that island, that was intended to be Frodo all along.”

lupita nyong'o, a quiet place day one trailer

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The writer-director, who made 2021’s Pig, recently spoke about one scene from the prequel, which showed the aliens feeding on an egg-like entity: “Part of what's so fun about them is that they're very alien and we don't fully understand them. So I wanted to hint at a couple things,” he said.

“I mean, for me, the egg thing, and it's very not made a focus – I didn't want to make that scene like, 'Hey, here's what's going on,' and that's important because it's not important to Eric at that time. He's just trying to save Frodo and you're just kind of getting a hint that there's an ecosystem of these creatures around him.”

A Quiet Place: Day One is in cinemas now.

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