A Quiet Place: Day One director pitches Frodo spin-off

lupita nyong'o, a quiet place day one trailer
A Quiet Place director pitches Frodo spin-offParamount

A Quiet Place: Day One director Michael Sarnoski has pitched a possible Frodo spin-off.

The horror prequel takes place at the start of an alien invasion as Samira (Lupita Nyong'o) and Eric (Joseph Quinn) attempt to survive in New York City, with Samira's service cat Frodo in tow.

Speaking to Variety, Sarnoski revealed which characters in the franchise would make a good spin-off, saying: "Almost any character could. You could easily follow prequels or sequels of any of the characters.

"They've done a really good job casting incredible actors in this franchise. I would watch Cillian Murphy do anything. There's plenty of options."

frodo the cat in a quiet place day one

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On the possibility of a Frodo-led project, the director added: "I always fall back on an animated musical Frodo singing his way through this world, so that's always an option."

Sarnoski previously explained why Frodo, who is expertly played by cats Schnitzel and Nico, barely makes a noise during the movie, apart from meowing a "couple times".

"When cats are on their own, they don't meow that much. So I figured that when the apocalypse happens and everyone’s gone, they would maybe keep it down," he noted.

The director added to The Hollywood Reporter that Frodo was never really in any danger and wasn't going to be killed off in the film.

lupita nyong'o, a quiet place day one trailer

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"It always made sense that the cat is passed along and would carry on. If you're gonna kill an animal, it's got to be for a really meaningful reason. Otherwise, you're just being cruel to the audience," he explained.

At the US box office, A Quiet Place: Day One earned a massive $53 million during its domestic opening weekend. The international sales ($45.5 million) brought the debut total up to an impressive $98.5 million globally.

The prequel also achieved the biggest debut in the franchise, exceeding its predecessors A Quiet Place, which opened with $50 million and A Quiet Place Part II, which premiered with $48 million.

A Quiet Place: Day One is out now in cinemas.

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