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Your questions answered on the Voice to Parliament

AAP/Mick Tsikas, Shutterstock, The Conversation
AAP/Mick Tsikas, Shutterstock, The Conversation

We asked readers what they would like to know about the Voice to Parliament. In the lead-up to the referendum we’ll be asking our experts to answer your questions. Thanks to the more than 9,000 of you who took part in the survey. We’ll update this page as answers come in.

What do we know so far about the Voice and how it will work?

Why is the Voice coming before treaty?

How was the Voice model decided?

What does Indigenous sovereignty mean?

What happens if the government goes against the advice of the Voice to Parliament?

Does the Voice give Indigenous people special treatment?

There are already several Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MPs in parliament, why isn’t that representation enough?

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