'Both idiots': Roundabout crash divides opinion – so who's at fault?

Josh Dutton
·News Reporter
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A video of a crash on a roundabout in southeast Queensland has divided opinion and left people wondering: who is really at fault?

The crash video, uploaded to Facebook by Dash Cam Owners Australia, was captured near a shopping centre at Springfield Central on Sunday.

A Nissan Micra is seen entering a roundabout indicating right before a Holden ute crashes into its right side having joined from another entrance.

On Facebook, people are divided about who caused the crash.

A Holden ute crashes into a Nissan Micra in a roundabout at Springfield Central.
The ute crashes into the hatchback - but who's responsible for the collision? Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia

Some people suggested the Micra caused the crash, claiming the driver should have paid attention to the ute joining the roundabout from the entrance to their right.

“Love how the Micra driver doesn’t give way to his right because you can see that ute coming from a mile away,” one man wrote.

“Whether or not he was speeding is besides the point this Micra driver shouldn't be on the road with that kind of alertness.”

However, according to Queensland’s road rules this isn’t true – you don’t necessarily need to giveaway to vehicles on the right at a roundabout.

Some people suggested the Micra should have given way to the ute and argued it was on the roundabout first. When entering a roundabout, drivers have to give way to cars already on the roundabout.

But in this case – it’s unclear who was on the roundabout first. Both vehicles almost join the roundabout simultaneously.

Some mounted a case for the Micra driver being in the right. They believe the ute driver was driving too fast and “came in hot”.

“Ute was at fault. Excessive speed,” one man wrote.

Another man added if the “ute wasn’t going faster”, the driver could have stopped.

Finally, some people said the blame should be shared between both drivers.

One man wrote the pair were “both idiot drivers trying to prove a point”.

“And this is why you don’t enter roundabouts like you own them,” another man wrote.

“It’s not a football game where they review it frame by frame to see if the foot was on the line or not right or wrong.

“The fact remains that this needn’t have happened and both could have continued on their way if both cars acted with a bit of courtesy to other road users.”

According to Queensland’s road rules drivers have to give way to vehicles already in the roundabout before entering it.

It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is on the left or the right.

Queensland Police said the crash wasn’t in their system and it was unlikely it was reported.

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