'Just hang up': Police warn of 'Telstra' scammers who ask you to help find hackers

Police are warning of a new phone scam which involves hackers pretending to be Telstra employees.

Queensland Police are telling residents to "just hang up" if they receive a call from someone claiming to be from Telstra stating there are errors on their computers or appealing for help to catch hackers.

A statement says the "criminals are very convincing".

"They will request you download a remote access software program like 'Team Viewer' onto your computer," police said.

Police are warning criminals behind a new phone scam are 'very convincing'. File pic. Source: AAP

"Once they obtain access to your computer, they will deposit money into your account and request you purchase iTunes cards or ask you to transfer the money to them using a wire transfer facility such as Money Gram or Western Union."

Police said once the scammers gain remote access, the money being transferred might appear to be the scammers's but it's actually the victim's.

"Once you have transferred the money or given over the iTunes reference numbers, your money is gone with little to no chance of recovering it," police said.

"There are never any circumstances where a legitimate business or government department will ask for payment using an iTunes gift card or for your help to catch hackers. Quite simply, it is a scam."

If you think you've been the victim of a scam of have one to report visit the ACCC's Scamwatch.