Police officers' 'brilliant' act to help brothers raising money for bushfire victims

Two young brothers have caught the attention of local police officers – but for all the right reasons.

Queensland police spotted Port Douglas boys Will, 7, and Jack Reilly, 3, who had set up a lemonade stand to help raise money for those affected by the bushfires with the help of their mother, Larelle.

The young brothers had been curious about the bushfires and asked their mum, “How can we help?”.

Jack and Will Reilly (left) decided to set up a lemonade stand to help raise money for bushfire relief when police officers (right) spotted them and decided to help out. Source: Queensland Police Service

Together they came up with the idea of selling cold drinks to raise money for those affected by the bushfires.

Patrolling police officers Matt Cornish and Hannah Mulholland spotted the two boys and felt the generous effort needed a better location to maximise sales.

“Exposure is the key so with the police on side, the boys moved their stall to the main road of Port Douglas, a nice shady place under the palm trees,” the Queensland Police Service said in an official statement.

Constables Cornish and Mulholland decided it was the perfect way to help Will and Jack, and reward responsible motorists at the same time.

The police officers decided it was the “perfect place to set up a road side breath testing site” and give the lemonade stand prime position.

“The drivers were waved in for breath tests and licence checks and once in the clear, they were greeted by young Jack, Will and their lemonade stand,” police said.

The new positioning boosted sales and drinks sold out in just 45 minutes.

The Queensland Police Service page shared the boys’ story and Facebook users praised the children – and the officers – for their actions.

“QPS you are a legend, feeling safe with you guys around,” one person said.

“This is brilliant! Well done boys and well done QPS for making a difference,” another wrote.

A third person said: “What wonderful thoughtful children. Brings a tear to my eye.”

The brothers managed to raise $380 for bushfire relief with Constables Cornish and Mulholland announcing: “Will and Jack are here to serve and refresh.”

Police waved drivers in for random breath tests before sending them to Jack and Will's lemonade stand. Source: Queensland Police Service

"People were pretty surprised, but once they figured out what it was for they were happy to get on board and support a good cause," Constable Mulholland told Sunrise.

Police praised the boys for their efforts and said they love nothing more than to “step outside the box” and help local communities.

“With young kids such as Jack and Will taking part in such a selfless charitable act, it warms the heart and comforts us with confidence that the future generations are on the right track,” Queensland police said.

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