Mum finds maggots crawling through son's McDonald's cheeseburger

A Queensland mother has vowed to take action against McDonald’s on claims she found maggots crawling through her son’s cheeseburger.

Emmi McHugh said her three-year-old son had already tucked into his Happy Meal burger bought at a Maryborough store when she discovered something not listed on the menu.

“I’ve just bought a cheeseburger happy meal for my three-year-old and low and behold there are live maggots on and in the meat patty,” she wrote in a furious Facebook post.

“I’m absolutely disgusted. How this can happen baffles me.”

Emmi McHugh's three-year-old son had already tucked into his Happy Meal burger when she discovered something that wasn’t listed on the menu. Source: Facebook
Ms McHughes kept her meal receipt and said she froze the maggots burger as proof. Source: Facebook

While the McDonalds in question refused to comment when contacted by 7 News Online, the Queensland mother has promised they haven’t heard the last of her.

“I’ve kept and frozen the product and also have the receipt along with a photo and video,” she wrote.

“I will be taking this as far as I can.

“I’ll be ringing health and safety first thing in morning. I want the entire stock thrown out. I don’t want another poor kid eating this s***.

“I’m definitely not eating this crap again. I’m off fast food now. The upside is I might lose a bit of weight, so it’s some unwanted help on my diet. Thanks Maccas,” she said.

The Queensland McDonalds refused to comment on the matter when contacted by 7 News Online. Source: Google