Queensland man's bizarre beach stunt baffles the internet

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A Queensland man's bizarre beach stunt has baffled beach-goers and internet users alike.

Most people try to avoid attracting the attention of seagulls at the beach, but he took a decidedly different tack – putting himself at the centre of a feeding frenzy. 

After being buried in the sand up to his chest, he was adorned with a huge pile of hot chips from McDonald's. 

Naturally, dozens of seagulls and even an ibis (or the much maligned 'bin chicken') swarmed the man as his head protruded from the small mountain of hot chips.

The seagull stunt was carried out by a comedian duo. Source: Instagram/7News
The seagull stunt was carried out by a comedian duo. Source: Instagram/7News

The bizarre act – even for the Gold Coast – was the work of internet comedians Marty and Michael. 

The duo posted a short clip of the chip-related chaos to social media saying, "the full science experiment will be out in a few weeks". 

When vision of the stunt made it online, many people weren't quite sure what to make of it. 

"Just letting Australia know we're all still having a normal one up here in Queensland," joked AAP journalist Marty Silk on social media. 

Others suggested the border with Queensland should remain closed. 

"I hate to nitpick but how did he make the pile AFTER he buried himself?" asked one Twitter user after footage was shared by 7News on the Gold Coast. 

"I reckon some mates chipped in," another joked. 

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