Queensland family's game of pool interrupted by unlikely extra player

A sneaky pet snake had decided to interrupt a game of pool and make its owners play hide and seek instead.

The python, measuring a little more than two metres, had been draped around its owner’s shoulders while he was concentrating on taking a shot, but the snake left them snookered when it slithered off and snuck into a pocket on the pool table.

“The snake clearly had other games in mind called catch me if you can!” a post on the Brisbane Snake Catchers Facebook page said. 

Lauren Rose from the snake catching service said the pictures were sent in by Janelle Weston from Beachmere in South East Queensland’s Moreton Bay Region.

Ms Rose told Yahoo7 that she was told the snake, named Izzy, is “notorious for being mischievous.”

And after she slithered into the table she appeared to be amused with the new afternoon activity.

The “very cheeky” pet python interrupted its owner’s game of pool. Source:  Brisbane Snake Catchers/ Facebook

“She was popping her head out of random pockets and popping back in again like a game of peak-a-boo,” Janelle Weston told Yahoo7. 

The python was not forfeiting her new-found fun easily either, and was said to be content as she waited to be rescued.

“They had to take the pool table apart to find an access to get it out,” Ms Rose said.

“When they unscrewed the part of the table it was just sitting there.”

Ms Rose said the pictures were shared on social media in a bid to take away some fear surrounding the creatures, adding, “I think that’s the most adorable snake grin I’ve ever seen. ”

“We actually need them more than any other animal … without them we’d be overrun with rats and diseases,” she explained.

The snake seemed content as it waited to be rescued. Source:  Brisbane Snake Catchers/ Facebook

While a few people wrote on the Facebook post that they would not be happy with a slippery pet, the majority of comments were positive.

I love snakes so much,” one person said, while numerous others called the reptile “cute”.

“Got to love it when they want to play hide and seek, she was having a ball of a time. Lol,” another said.

And for those who are not fans of snakes, Ms Rose explained that more are being disrupted by land clearing and recent storms, and when they seek refuge in stranger’s home “they’re taking a risk coming into contact with humans.

“That’s the risk they take to survive.”