'I can't fathom life without him': Dad-to-be dies of heatstroke weeks before birth of son

A Brisbane pilot just weeks away from the birth of his first son has died of heatstroke.

Matthew Hall was dirt bike riding on the Sunshine Coast when he collapsed with heatstroke.

His heavily pregnant high school sweetheart is now a widow at 30.

Matthew Hall pictured with his wife, Emily. Photo: 7News/Supplied

The Virgin Australia pilot was dirt bike riding in the Beerburrum State Forrest with temperatures hovering in the low 30s when he became unwell.

When teams of paramedics reached him, he was confused and extremely hot.

Critical heatstroke starts at 41 degrees. Matthew’s temperature was 42.

His organs were shutting down and he deteriorated as the rescue helicopter landed.

The couple's first child is due next month. Photo: 7 News/Supplied

He died two weeks before the birth of his child.

His wife Emily described her husband as her "best friend and soul mate"

“I can’t fathom life without him but my strength is knowing he will live through his son," Mrs Hall said in a touching tribute.

“I will love him enough for the two of us and I will make sure I do Matt proud and be the best mum to him."

After head injury, heat stress is the biggest concern for dirt bike riders.

Dr Chris Zappala said it was crucial to maintain water intake, especially on hot days.

The couple were high school sweethearts. Photo: 7 News/Supplied.

“When you’re in a really, really hot environment working quite hard it can be like seven to 10 litres a day, it can be enormous the amount of sweat we are losing,” he told 7 News.

For the past week, temperatures have ranged from 30 to 35 degrees in Brisbane.

The high temperatures will continue this week with a top of 35 expected for Wednesday.