Queensland bushfire season arrives early

Tiffanie Turnbull

Firefighters have battled 230 bushfires across Queensland over the weekend, as the season arrives early.

Of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services' 100 fire engines, 60 were out fighting the 67 blazes in the southeast on Sunday.

Warnings for bushfires near Ipswich and Stanthorpe have been downgraded, but there are still about 20 fires burning across the state.

A fire ban was lifted on Monday for the Moreton Bay and Brisbane districts due to easing conditions.

Suspensions on fire permits remain for the Ipswich, Somerset, Lockyer, Logan, Scenic Rim and Gold Coast regions until midnight on Monday.

Emergency Services Minister Craig Crawford says heavy penalties apply for breaching the bans.

"A number of these fires over the weekend that occurred were started through some kind of mankind involvement, meaning they were from either machinery or motorbikes or welders and angle grinders, so many of them could have been prevented," Mr Crawford told reporters.

The Bureau of Meteorology says the elevated threat of fire in the southeast has eased, but the northwest and gulf parts of the state are still under high alert.

Warm weather will heighten the fire danger in the southeast again towards the end of the week, and the danger will spread north over the weekend, the bureau says.

Minister Crawford says the state is in for a long, active bushfire season because of the dry conditions.