Queens of the Stone Age to 'take a little break'

Queens of the Stone Age have loose plans for 2025 credit:Bang Showbiz
Queens of the Stone Age have loose plans for 2025 credit:Bang Showbiz

Queens of the Stone Age teased they have "some aces in some sleeves", but first, they will take a "little break".

The Josh Homme-fronted rock band headlined Download Festival last Friday (14.06.24), and following the release of their 2023 LP, 'In Times New Roman...' and ahead of their upcoming reissue of their 1998 self-titled debut album on vinyl, which boasts bonus tracks, Guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen and drummer Jon Theodore have spoken about the 'No One Knows' group's future.

The former told NME of their plans after Download and the rest of their shows this year: “Sleep! I think we’re going to take a little break. I know we have some plans for next year that are loosely being talked about.”

Without stating if it's release-related or performing, the sticksman said: “There are definitely some aces in some sleeves so to speak…”

Tory then hinted: “There is always music that we can get back to, but we’re also in the middle of this really long summer tour, and that’s what we want to make sure that we’re still excited about. Even at the end. So that takes all of our energy away from things like writing a new song or talking about making an animated movie about the behind-the-scenes of the making-of a documentary.”

Jon added: “We’ve been in sort of fifth or sixth gear. We have to get into neutral at some point and come up for air – see our families, rest our bodies, spend some time apart from one another. Because at this point it’s sort of this large, five-headed organism. It’s like the thing almost, so we need to free some of the surfaces to regrow. That way we can regroup and come back and do some more.”

QOTSA's current stint on the road is due to end on October 6, when they play Mempho Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee.