Queen's death: Woman’s brutally honest response on live TV

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The news of Queen Elizabeth's death has devastated the masses overnight with many sharing poignant tributes to the long-standing leader of the Commonwealth.

But as swarms of mourners flock to Buckingham Palace in London to grieve the Queen's passing, others — including those with a republican view — have been more upfront about their distaste for the monarchy.

Buckingham Palace revealed "the Queen died peacefully at Balmoral" in a statement on Thursday afternoon (local time). Charles immediately took the reins and became King Chares III.

But as news came through from the palace that doctors were worried about the monarch's deteriorating health moments before her death, one woman admitted she's not "that upset" by the news, and it's a complicated feeling shared by many.

The woman was interviewed by a CNN reported in Windsor, England in response to the Queen's death
The woman was interviewed by a CNN reporter in Windsor, England in response to the Queen's death. Source: CNN

Woman admits she's 'not a fan' of the Queen

During an interview with a CNN reporter in England, in a video that's been shared online, the woman said that while it's "pretty sad" for anyone to be in that position, she's "not the biggest fan of the Queen".

"It's just something that happens, I guess," she told the journalist in Windsor, nearby one of the royal residences.

When asked why she thought that, she revealed it is "mainly to do with British colonial history," which many argue was rooted in racism and violence against Asian and African colonies.

"[Also] a lot of things that have gone on which have been quite shady, even recently with Prince Andrew, so yeah I'm not really their biggest fan," she said.

Her comments are referring to the controversial sexual assault claims made against the Queen's youngest son, Prince Andrew, which saw him ultimately banished from public royal events.

Why do people dislike the royal family?

The contention around the constitution and the monarchy is not a personal one, but it's an issue with the institutions of government, political scientist and royal author, Emeritus Professor Jenny Hocking, told Yahoo News Australia

The question, she believes, is if, as a modern society, it's "still appropriate" for Australia, and other countries in the Commonwealth, to still have an "inherit dynastic head of state"?

"In the UK there's a history and cultural connection, an institutional connection, that runs much more deeply than the one we have adapted and adopted from that system in Australia," she told Yahoo News Australia.

"But there are many people around the world, particularly in the UK, who are aware of the impact and damaging effects of empire."

Professor Hocking said debates will most likely continue as to how much the royal family need to be "part of the recognition" of those transgressions during the colonial period."

"But I think they're discussions to be had over a much longer period," she added, suggesting a change might not happen soon.

Queen Elizabeth was the longest reigning monarch. Source: Getty
Queen Elizabeth was the longest reigning monarch. Source: Getty

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Public reaction to now-viral video

Huffington Post journalist Philip Lewis, shared the CNN clip on Twitter saying "pretty honest response to CNN reporter after Queen Elizabeth’s death".

The comments were flooded with tongue-in-cheek remarks from Twitter users who appeared to take the tragic news lightly.

Others slammed the comment for being "disrespectful".

On Instagram, where the video was also shared, one person dubbed her response the "best answer ever".

"Well done to her for being respectful and still getting her point across," another added.

But one fumed "Joking about the Queen dying is NOT okay."

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