Queen had earthy humour: Kathy Lette

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The late Queen Elizabeth II had a mischievous personality and a great sense of humour, despite the deep stoicism required in her role as monarch, Australian writer Kathy Lette says.

Lette, the author of 20 books, including coming-of-age classic Puberty Blues, said she was able to crack jokes with the Queen about Australia's convict past while meeting her at the Australian embassy.

"I think what people will remember about her, what they cherished about her was this mix of, yes, stoicism but also great humour," Lette told the ABC on Friday.

"(For) probably the most famous woman in the world, she was quite earthy," Lette said.

The pair met a number of times through the Australian embassy, and the Queen was fond of a good joke and a giggle, according to Lette.

"She was quite down to earth and very twinkly. She had a great sense of humour.

"I remember the first time I met her I teased her about the fact that in Australia, if you can trace yourself back to your convict roots, that makes you sort of Antipodean royalty."

Ms Lette explained having ancestral roots going right back to the First Fleet makes you the "creme de la creme".

The Queen's minders gasped at the comment - but the Queen threw her head back and laughed.

"There was always this spark of mischief and good humour about her and I think that's what really endeared her to the nation and the Commonwealth."

Lette, who became a friend of then Prince Charles during her years in the UK, said the Queen's passing was a significant occasion.

"Britain haemorrhages history, but to have the second Elizabeth die, and to be part of that, obviously it just feels so momentous."