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Queen Camilla raises a glass for Archers' 20,000th episode

Queen Camilla
Queen Camilla is known for being an "Archers addict"

Ardent Archers fan Queen Camilla is celebrating the 20,000th episode of BBC Radio 4 drama by raising a glass to the "joy, tears and laughter" it gives.

Camilla said she was "sad" to miss a reception for the show.

She sent a message to be read out at the event in Birmingham, where the show is recorded, by Louiza Patikas who plays Helen Archer.

That character has been part of a coercive control storyline, praised by the Queen for raising awareness.

Camilla's message to the show's editor, Jeremy Howe, referenced the recent return of Rob Titchener to the show, after his divorce from Helen.

Camilla said: "As one of your greatest fans, and sadly unable to join you this evening, I will be thinking of you all and raising a glass to mark over a quarter of a million minutes of Archers magic from the last 72 years.

"Thank you for bringing joy, companionship, laughter, tears, compassion and understanding to your audience across the globe.

"Here's to the next 20,000 episodes - and, let's hope, the end of Rob Titchener once and for all!

"Camilla R."

Camilla and June Spencer
Camilla and June Spencer cut an Archers-themed cake during a reception to celebrate the show's 70th anniversary in 2021

The Guardian called Rob Titchener "the Archers' most iconic villain", and the domestic abuse storyline encouraged many other victims to seek help.

The world's longest-running serial drama began in 1951 with the original purpose of educating farmers on modern agricultural methods.

In 2021, the Queen hosted a 70th anniversary reception for the show, where she admitted to suffering "severe withdrawal symptoms" after recordings were disrupted during Covid.

She had a scene written for the occasion, and it was recorded as she watched, having already previously made a cameo appearance on the show.