Queen Camilla mocked over 'obsession' with weather apps

Queen Camilla is obsessed with the weather credit:Bang Showbiz
Queen Camilla is obsessed with the weather credit:Bang Showbiz

Queen Camilla has an "obsession" with the weather.

The 76-year-old royal - who is married to King Charles - admitted her family often tease her about her interest in apps that tell her if it is sunny or raining in other countries during a conversation with children's author Francesca Simon at an event to mark the National Literacy Trust's 30th anniversary at Clarence House on Tuesday (09.07.24).

The 'Horrid Henry' author told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “We were laughing about our mutual love of weather apps.

“She mentioned it was raining in France, where I’m meant to be today, and I said, ‘Yeah, I know’.

“She said everybody teases her, because I’m also looking at weather in various parts of the world, and she’s the same – so we were laughing at our mutual obsession.”

The reception, which had been due to take place in the gardens but was moved indoors due to the rain, saw authors and volunteers for the National Literacy Trust come together, and Francesca praised the queen for her "invaluable" support for the charity.

She said: “She turns up and puts her passion for reading, which is very genuine, behind it – so it’s really fun to have that kind of commitment that’s much more than skin deep.”

Axel Scheffler, who illustrates Julia Donaldson's books, including 'The Gruffalo', also praised Camilla's work with the charity as “immensely important”.

He added: “I know she’s read The Gruffalo to her grandchildren.”

During her speech to those at the reception, the queen expressed her hope that illiteracy will be a "thing of the past" in the next 30 years.

She said: “A huge thank you to you all. You all do a brilliant job. I hope the next 30 years will achieve something that makes illiteracy a relic of the past. Thank you so, so much for all you do.”