'Two weeks of hell': Quarantine guest slams 'inedible' hotel food

Nadine Carroll
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When Victoria found itself in the middle of a coronavirus crisis, 23-year-old Kate Yaxley - who has lived in Melbourne for three years - thought it was time to return home to Brisbane.

She knew that spending 14 days in hotel quarantine would be part of the deal and understood she would have to foot the bill.

What she didn’t realise was the quality of food she would be served would be what she describes as “inedible”.

“Surely you should be able to get edible food, three meals a day,” Ms Yaxley told Nine News.

Food served at Brisbane's Next hotel to quarantining guests.
Would you eat this? Quarantine guests staying at one Brisbane hotel are being served this. Source: Nine News

Just five days in to her $2,800 stay at a quarantine hotel in Brisbane, Ms Yaxley says she can’t eat the food she’s being served as she’s gluten intolerant, and claims some meals are skipped entirely.

“Even my dad has said ‘I’d rather you go to a low security prison than here because at least you’d get fed’,” she told Nine.

Although Ms Yaxley is trying to keep her sights set on the bigger picture of checking out, she’s concerned for other guests in the hotel who may have more severe intolerances than herself.

“Two weeks of hell to just live with freedom,” she explained.

Kate Yaxley in quarantine hotel in Brisbane.
Kate Yaxley (Left) was not expecting this sort of food (Right) when she checked into her quarantine hotel. Source: Nine News

Ms Yaxley said she’s confused because although the hotel boasts an upscale restaurant, she doesn’t believe quarantine guests are able to order from that menu.

“I’m sure they are used to making meals to a certain standard, so you would think they would be able to treat us like a normal guest and getting food that a normal guest ordering off a menu would get,” she said.

For the moment Ms Yaxley is relying on food she orders from outside the hotel and counting down the days until she has “freedom” again.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted the hotel for comment.

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