Little-known road rules costing drivers hundreds of dollars

Giving a friendly toot of the car horn or having an arm out your car window might seem harmless, but Queensland drivers are being warned they can incur a costly fine.

Qld motorists stung by obscure road rules (clone 39486867)

Qld motorists stung by obscure road rules (clone 39486867)

More than 400 drivers across the state were fined in the 12 months to October 2017 for having their arm or leg outside their car window, each slugged $126.15.

Fines of $75 were also given to 52 people for improper use of their horn – anything other than using the car horn to "warn" other drivers of hazards, including the friendly toot or the frustrated blast.

Drivers are being caught out on road rules they didn't know existed. Source: AAP / File photo

And 170 people were fined a hefty $294.35 for having an animal, usually a dog, unrestrained in their car.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said drivers were often mindful of major road rules such as not speeding, but could be caught out by lesser laws.

"Ignorance of road rules isn't a valid excuse so we urge everyone to refresh their knowledge, whether they're a cyclist, a pedestrian, a driver or a passenger," she said

Indeed 66 people were fined $126.15 for riding a bike without brakes or a bell, while you didn't even need to be in a car to cop a fine, with 113 pedestrians fined for stepping in front of traffic outside a designated crossing.

Dogs need to be restrained in the car. Source: Getty Images / File photo

Ms Ritchie said it was a timely reminder for motorists who "mistakenly believed police did not monitor minor breaches of the law".

"Obviously, there are many motorists copping fines for breaking rules they may not be aware of," Ms Ritchie said.

"These road rules may seem insignificant to some but they're in place to keep all road users safe."

Other road rules drivers didn't seem to be aware of included touching your phone which gets you a fine of $378 and three demerit points, and driving too close to cyclists which is also a fine of $378 and three demerit points.

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