Qld has Australia's highest jobless rate

Queensland's unemployment rate rose to 6.1 per cent in January, the highest in the country, despite almost 20,000 jobs being created in the state during the month.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says the state's seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate rose 0.1 per cent in the month, putting it above that of the next-worst performer, South Australia, where the rate was 6.0 per cent.

But the rise was due to a sharp increase in the number of people looking for work, with Queensland actually recording the strongest jobs growth in the country during the month.

The number of Queenslanders with jobs rose by 19,700 during the month, with most of the growth in full-time jobs.

Meanwhile, the national unemployment rate fell 0.1 per cent to 5.5 per cent, driven by a sharp improvement in Victoria.

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