Qld container deposit scheme pushed back

The Queensland government has pushed back the introduction of its drink container refund scheme to learn from the "problematic" rollout of a similar program in NSW.

The scheme was due to start in July but now will not begin until November so stakeholders can learn from the experience in NSW, where the container deposit recycling scheme has struggled due to a lack of collection points.

"It's clear there are valuable lessons to be learned from the problematic introduction of their scheme," Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch said on Thursday.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Wednesday admitted her government's program had "major teething problems" since being introduced in December.

It follows NSW opposition claims the public has paid $110 million in higher beverage prices, but only $8.3 million had been returned to consumers.

Ahead of the NSW rollout Woolworths advised customers "the price of many beverages will be increasing" with "the NSW Government initiative to reduce litter".

Ms Enoch said the delay, which is backed by the beverage industry, will ensure there will be enough collection places from the onset, with more than 200 refund points across Queensland.

"It's important we get the scheme right from day one so that its full community, environmental and recycling benefits are realised," Ms Enoch added.

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