Babies to be allowed in Qld Parliament

Breastfeeding and caring for young children will be allowed in Queensland Parliament after new Speaker Curtis Pitt opted to ignore rules preventing non-MPs on the floor.

Mr Pitt said parliament would simply judge on a case-by-case basis, and use common sense, rather than overturning the existing standing orders.

"I believe there is a collective will that this standing order not be enforced so as to enable very small children to be in the chamber when their parent is on the floor and care is needed, so long as there is no disruption to the house," Mr Pitt told parliament on Thursday.

"There is considerable goodwill for parents in this house, to the extent that I believe formal rule changes are not required."

Mr Pitt also said he believed there was enough goodwill for an MP who was forced to be absent from a vote in the house because they were caring for their child to be provided with a "pair" from the other side of parliament.

The issue was sparked when Labor MP Brittany Lauga brought her infant daughter onto the floor of parliament on Tuesday during the swearing-in ceremony, which was technically a breach of the standing orders.

Following the decision, Ms Lauga said she was "a little bit surprised" that the rule wasn't changed, but said it was a positive step forward regardless.

"I'm happy with the fact that I can now take my baby into the chamber to feed her when she needs to," Ms Lauga told reporters on Thursday.

"I think that today's ruling says that in our parliament that we're prepared to make sure that young children can be fed."

The move comes ahead of a busy first sitting day for the new parliament, with Labor introducing 16 pieces of legislation, as well as a number of changes to parliamentary procedures.

The changes include plans to cap the day's proceedings to a finish time of 7pm.

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