Threats part of 'agenda' against CFMEU

The Queensland Council of Unions claims allegations striking mine workers threatened to rape and assault people is part of a political agenda against the picketers.

The Courier-Mail this week reported Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union members picketing the Oaky Creek North mine in central Queensland are under investigation for reported threats and intimidation towards security and non-striking workers.

The reported allegations include a threat to rape children.

QCU general secretary Ros McLennan told ABC radio on Friday she was not talking to CFMEU members about the allegations, which she said were made by the company locking out workers for more than three months.

"There is absolutely no suggestion that is in any way appropriate but neither is it proven that it's true," Ms McLennan said.

"If there's any wrongdoing at all, the police should investigate."

She said it was equally true of the actions of Glencore against the 190 workers that have been locked out and says the federal government has piled onto the allegations against the workers the same week the Federal Court upheld "unfair" cuts to penalty rates.

"This isn't a question of morals, this is a political agenda against the CFMEU members that have been locked out in Oaky North," she said.

"Where's the worry and concern about the hurt and harm that's been brought down on those people on the picket line?"