Qld lawyer slams Dutton for restrictions

Immigration minister Peter Dutton is turning Australia's legal system into "kangaroo courts" for foreign nationals accused of committing a crime, a Queensland lawyer says.

Bruce Peters is representing Solomon Islands flight attendant Samuel Terence Rova, who was charged in July with trying to procure a 14-year-old girl for sex via social media.

The girl was actually an undercover Queensland detective from the state's online child exploitation and abuse squad Task Force Argos.

Mr Peters told the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday he had been unable to take instructions from Rova as he was taken into custody by Border Force officers immediately after the court granted him bail on July 7.

The court heard Rova has since been held at an immigration detention facility in Western Australia.

"As the immigration minister is on his own campaign to clean up Australia, it makes it very difficult for a legal practitioner to take instruction when he's in WA," Mr Peters said.

"He's here now but he may be taken again tomorrow, I don't know. He's out in the reception area with Border Force.

"It's totally unacceptable, it's certainly interfering with the court's process as I don't have access to him to take proper instructions."

Outside court, Mr Peters told reporters if Border Force continued to restrict lawyers' access to foreign nationals accused of a crime, Australia would be perceived to have "kangaroo courts".

"You'll be taken to detention, your access to legal service will be restricted," he said.

"My access to Mr Rova during the entirety of this case has been a total of about 10 minutes.

"That's the access that's been denied, that's the interference with justice in this state as a direct outcome of the minster's directions."

Rova's case will return to court on November 15.