WATCH: Townsville miner smashes 2.5 kilos of chicken parmie in six minutes

A Townsville miner has risen to the "parmie challenge," devouring 2.5 kilos of chicken parmigiana in a local record of six minutes and nine seconds.

Footage of local man Joey Hodges gobbling down three giant "parmies" and a further kilo of chips and salad has gone viral after the Shamrock Hotel posted the video to its Facebook page.

This man ate 2.5kg of chicken parmigiana in just over six minutes. Source: Facebook

Mr Hodges barely pauses for breath as he chows down in the video, which has been shared more than 1000 times and has more than 4000 'likes' and comments.

"What's for dessert?", one person asks.

"Congrats mate: ur (sic) a machine," observes another.

"Chewing is for suckers". Source: Facebook

"Chewing is for suckers," says another impressed individual.

Next week the bar will be set higher with a 3 kilo parmie challenge.

"Who thinks they have what it takes to smash this big boy?" Source: Facebook/The Shamrock Hotel

"Who thinks they have what it takes to smash this bad boy?", reads a caption under a mountain of parmie and chips.

"Who dares to step up to beat Joey, the Shamrock's local T-Rex?"

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