Man bitten by eastern brown snake drinks beer

A Queensland man, bitten by an eastern brown snake has gone straight for the fridge to grab a beer after calling the ambulance.

Rodney Somerville of Yeppoon, on the state's central coast, was moving pot plants around his backyard when the deadly reptile bit him on the finger last month.

After killing the snake by banging it on the head with a shovel, the man called for help before doing what most people wouldn't think to do in an emergency situation.

Instead of 'causing a scene', Mr Somerville decided to not panic and fetch a XXXX Gold from the fridge while he waited for paramedics to arrive.

"I said to myself, if I’m going to cark it I’m going to have a beer," he told the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin.

"So I got a Goldie out of the fridge and drank that."

Mr Somerville was taken to hospital and soon suffered complications from the anti-venom.

"The reaction nearly killed me as well, so it was a double whammy," he said.

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