Bikini-clad women steal Christmas lights

Police are hunting four bikini-clad women over the theft of Christmas lights in South Johnstone, near Innisfail in Queensland.

Bikini-clad women steal Christmas lights

Bikini-clad women steal Christmas lights

Before disturbing the neighbour who chased them, the scantily dressed ladies stole 30 solar lights from two homes.

The group then fled across a nearby football field before vanishing into the night.

"The victim's neighbour woke up around 1am to dogs barking and saw them in the front yard," a police spokeswoman told News Corp.

"He's yelled out and that's when they've run off.

"They were spotted running off through the football oval."

The man who chased the women informed his neighbour the following morning, while another neighbour noticed 16 mights missing.

A search of the area failed to uncover any of the lights, however the neighbours did manage to find a light stand.

Police are yet to find the lights or the bandits, and the only description the man who pursued the women could give, was that they were all sporting swimwear.

Anyone with information on this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000.

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