Mum gives birth to third set of twins

The work load of a Queensland mother has intensified after giving birth to her third set of twins.

Mum gives birth to third set of twins

Mum gives birth to third set of twins

The Looker family, from Clermont, was keen to welcome yet another double act, but it's been a tough start for the newest members of the clan, but not surprising.

"(I’m) Just relieved it wasn't triplets ... we were kind of expecting twins," dad Trevor said.

Harper and Nate are mum Georgina's third set of twins from four pregnancies and their siblings say there are definite perks to being a double act.

"It's never really boring with two of you there at once," Jesse Looker said.

"The worst I suppose is the bickering and the fighting,” mum Georgina laughed.

“But that's the same with any kids I suppose. “

The twins are two months old today, but have spent all their little lives in neonatal intensive care after they were born nine weeks early.

Harper has a rare birth condition.

"So her oesophagus hasn't formed completely. She's got a pouch at the bottom of the top part of her oesophagus which doesn't connect to her stomach,” Dr Susan Ireland said.

The doctors are now prepping Harper for surgery while the rest of family commutes to Townsville to be by her side.

It's hoped both twins will join their seven brothers and sisters at home by Easter.

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