The release of Schapelle Corby from a Bali jail has been given a major boost.

Two sources have told 7News that Corby has begun the process of applying for parole, and that she could be out of jail within months if it is approved.

The first is a prison source from within Kerobokan Jail, saying that two parole officers visited Corby in her cell today to begin the paperwork for her official application.

They even wished the 36-year-old every success with her bid for freedom.

The second source is Corby's mother Roseleigh, who has told 7News that her daughter Mercedes, who lives in Bali - had been contacted by parole officers who want to fast-track an inspection of Mercedes' house so that they can see if it is suitable and ready for her to live in when she leaves jail.

Roseleigh says that inspection will happen with days, fueling the speculation that Corby's release is imminent.

Corby was caught in 2004 attempting to import 4.1 kilograms of cannabis in her boogie board bag.

There have been so many false leads on Corby in the past, the information should be treated with some caution.

But the Prison Governor confirmed to 7News 5pm (EST) Monday that parole officers did visit his jail earlier in the day.

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