Gomes brushes off weight taunts
Jessica Gomes answers her critics who have made snide remarks about her weight by posting up a sexy lingerie-clad snap on her Instagram. Picture: Jessica Gomes/Instagram

She's on the path to becoming the next Miranda Kerr, but Jessica Gomes still can't escape her anti-curves critics.

The Perth-raised bombshell has been revered by men across the globe for her voluptuous figure since appearing in her first swimsuit shoot for Sports Illustrated - which she has featured in six times since her first appearance - quickly becoming one of the hottest curvaceous models to be featured in the magazine.

But last week, when 28-year-old Gomes made her big catwalk debut as the new David Jones ambassador at the department store's lavish spring-summer launch, several snide remarks were made about her sexy curves.

According to an Eastern States newspaper, some guests watching from the sidelines made taunts about her weight, with one questioning whether the model had "gone to the gym before the show" while another pointed out her stretch marks.

When Gomes spoke to AAA last week, she had accepted the criticism as part and parcel of being a model.

"Some people love you, and some people hate you," she said.

"When you're young, you want to fit in, you want to be accepted and you're still trying to find yourself and what type of person you are. Now I just feel really comfortable in my own skin and really at the end of the day, I've found a balance with my life that if all was to go away, I'd still be a really happy person."

Jessica Gomes models at the David Jones launch in Sydney last week alongside top model twins Jordan & Zac Stenmark. Picture: Getty Images
But it seems Gomes was out to prove her haters wrong yesterday after posting a sexy lingerie-clad snap to her Instagram page which showed off her svelte, shapely bod.

The exotic beauty will be in town tomorrow to greet local fans during an in-store appearance at David Jones' Perth store.

'When you're young, you want to fit in . . . Now I just feel really comfortable in my own skin.'

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