A storm chaser has captured rare and dramatic video of a tornado tearing through farmland in western Queensland.

Anthony Cornelius from Down Under Chasing says the system came close to pounding the town of Dalby with cyclonic winds.

While it only lasted a few minutes, the system came close to hitting a populated area and triggered hail and winds of up to 110km/h.

More than 20 inland tornadoes are recorded in Australia each year, usually in remote areas.

"We certainly saw the dust start to spin up underneath the base of the storm, which certainly grabbed our attention," said storm chaser Anthony Cornelius.

"We certainly did expect the potential to be some nice storms, not quite a very large supercell with a small tornado."

The superstorm turned day into night as it made contact with land.

Residents were lucky to have only seen the tornado from a distance, with particular dangers involved in being near the natural phenomenon.

"You've actually got strong updrafts developing through the cloud and the air that comes into them is often uneven. That induces a rotation in the cloud," said weather expert Dick Whitaker.

"It's certainly well and truly strong enough to do structural damage to houses and power lines and trees."

A menacing storm spiralling over the Darling Downs.

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