Qld yet to know me, Frecklington laments

Sonia Kohlbacher
Deb Frecklington says her lack of exposure among Queenslanders is to blame for poor polling

Deb Frecklington says her low profile among Queenslanders is to blame for her poor polling compared to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

The Liberal National Party leader has struggled to gain traction among voters, five months after taking over the opposition's top job on the back of a state election loss, a Galaxy Poll has found.

Ms Palaszczuk is well ahead of Ms Frecklington in the preferred premier status, earning support from 47 per cent of those polled compared to 27 per cent for the new LNP leader.

"I'm very honoured and humbled and of course I'll keep doing the best I can for the people of this state," Ms Palaszczuk told reporters on Monday.

The result has increased five per cent from the last poll in February, while Ms Frecklington has lost ground after being at 31 per cent shortly after replacing Tim Nicholls as opposition leader.

She said Ms Palaszczuk had been inoffensive to voters because she "quite literally isn't doing anything".

"I'm the underdog, I don't have the might of a majority Labor government behind me," she said.

"We know we need to get more Queenslanders to get to know me."