Qld road projects get $415m funding boost

Matt Coughlan
Scott Morrison has announced road infrastructure funding in Qld, NT and ACT will be brought forward

New road projects and safety upgrades in Queensland will receive a $415 million cash injection in a bid to stimulate the economy.

The federal and state governments will jointly fund 14 shovel-ready projects expected to support 700 jobs.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said infrastructure investment would form a central plank of the economic recovery.

"Infrastructure will be a key to jobs as we grow out of the COVID-19 recession," he told reporters in Sydney on Monday.

The federal government will bring forward $325 million from its recently announced $1.5 billion infrastructure fund while Queensland will contribute $90 million.

Projects in the NT will have $53 million pumped into them, and roads in the ACT will get $35 million in funding brought forward.

The commonwealth will also put $176 million towards $223 million worth of projects in WA.