Qld rapist attacked psych during interview

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A psychologist was attacked and sexually assaulted after interviewing a man previously arrested for raping a 15-year-old girl.

The interview subject was Jack Christian Dillon, 21, being held at a Brisbane jail after the earlier attack in the Moreton Bay area in March 2021.

Dillon pleaded guilty to a series of charges including rape and sexual assault in the Brisbane District Court on Monday.

During the prison assault in July 2021, the psychologist stood up to leave the interview when Dillon attacked her and held his forearm against her throat, causing her to lose consciousness.

She was able to activate her duress alarm beforehand, but Dillon went on to sexually assault her.

He was transferred to a maximum security unit, and later told police that he had blacked out and didn't know what he was doing.

In a subsequent interview, he told officers that he intended to rape the woman, "but it didn't really work out like that".

The March 2021 attack involved Dillon "following, attacking, disabling and raping" a 15-year-old girl who was walking on the street in her school uniform, Judge Orazio Rinaudo said on Monday.

The girl lost consciousness during the attack, but was later able to fight back and scream for help, prompting Dillon to run away.

In a victim impact statement, the girl's family said they no longer felt safe in their own home, and had to relocate.

"Her whole life has been shattered, academically, emotionally, everything," the statement read by crown prosecutor James Bishop said.

"She has been incredibly strong throughout the whole process."

Dillon was declared a serious violent offender and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

"In respect to the first complainant, it is clear that your actions were premeditated. You followed her and it only ended after she fought back," Judge Rinaudo said,

The fact the second attack occurred in a remand prison was in itself exceptional, and what Dillon did was "devastating", separate from the gravity of his intentions.

A total of 537 days was declared as time served.