Qld premier to release abortion report

Queensland opposition leader Deb Frecklngton has conditionally agreed to allowing her MPs a conscience vote on the decriminalisation of abortion in Queensland.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is expected to release a legal review into the issue on Monday.

The Queensland Law Reform Commission report is expected to be released after a cabinet meeting and laws to decriminalise abortion are likely to be introduced to state parliament in August.

Ms Frecklington said a conscience vote "would appear to be appropriate" although she wanted to see the bill first after a failed attempt to decriminalise abortion last year.

Former independent MP Rob Pyne introduced two private member's bill in 2017 but withdrew them at the last minute when it became clear neither would pass.

There were concerns that the bills, as they stood, would have introduced legal complications for women and their doctors, and the Liberal National Party denied its support.

"I would say we have seen in the last parliament a piece of legislation that was on this topic that was complete abhorrent," Ms Frecklington told reporters on Monday.

The laws are expected to be debated and passed before the end of the year and, in addition to decriminalising abortion, will create "safe zones" around abortion clinics to stop women being harassed.

Abortions are legal in Western Australian, Victoria, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the ACT, and legal for some medical reasons in South Australia.

Having an abortion is still a criminal offence in NSW and Queensland, although there are some exceptions, for example if a woman's life is at risk.

A Brisbane couple were prosecuted for purchasing abortion drugs in 2010 and a woman was prosecuted in NSW last year.